New piece up!

I am super elated to announce my first piece of published non-fiction, “Report of Findings on my Mother, Electron Microscopist for the United States Department of Agriculture.” Drafthorse has been a wonderful journal to work with, and I heartily recommend submitting there. I submitted because I know one of the Executive Editors, Denton Loving, from Bennington. There couldn’t be a nicer person on the planet. I am also excited to see Shawna Kay Rodenberg’s poetry in this journal, as she is a fellow Benningtonian.


Hope you enjoy the piece!

1 thought on “New piece up!

  1. Shevaun: What a wonderful piece. The oscillating light/dark//life/death imagery is rhythmic and powerful, and the numbering of the passages adds another layer of oscillation between the formal and the personal, the Report and the Poem. (I know this is described as your “first venture into prose” but the poet in you comes through quite strongly nonetheless!)

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