::clears throat:: updated links

I’ve updated links to poems available online, etc., the flow of which has slowed over the years, as has the writing and therefore submitting, and the passion for poetry has slowed, as has the passion for community, need for affirmation, my metabolism, it’s all molasses; I’m so terrified of twitter and perhaps one day I’ll have a book.

Happy Birthday + a day!

Oh I meant to post yesterday, to honor my dear blog’s 1 year birthday of silence. But I did not! I stayed silent!

I have so much to update over the past year, but today I learned Drunk Monkeys nominated my poem “Painting my Emotional Landscape with Bob Ross” for Best of the Net and that is a lovely feeling.


I have four poems at SOFTBLOW. Please find them here. They are some of my favorites I’ve written recently, so their publication means a great deal to me.

Additionally, I have a new poem up at UNDERBLONG. I am in adoration of the folks at this journal. They are super kind and make you feel super special. It also features my gal E Kristin Anderson, so, ya know, give her poem a read.

Another poem is forthcoming in Anomaly Literary Journal.

I am super excited about all of these but trying to strip my writing of its exclamation points and don’t know how otherwise to indicate my joy.



Two more poems

The latest Plath Profiles features my poem “Self-Portrait as Hydrangea,” which is inspired by the journal’s namesake. Though all of my poems are, yes? Yes.

Speaking of other poems, here is one from Baltimore Review, “Committed.” I hope you like it, though ought to warn it discusses some difficult themes.

On the subject of Plath, I share this delightful round table: “‘Confessional Writing’ is a tired line of sexist horseshit, and other insights.”

Oh hey, just in case you didn’t know, if you click on the below photo it will take you to the tumblr I update slightly more often than this blog. It features my public transportation adventures and is based on a musical I have been writing for several years now called #TROLLEYWOOD.


Also if you want to be friends on Instagram find me hiding at @chevron_barnigan.


Mas palabras

I have a poem here in Rogue Agent, a journal themed on the body. I highly suggest submitting, they were wonderful to work with.

Recent acceptances include: Underblong, Sugar House Review, and Four Chambers Press, one of my favorite journals of all time and my first repeat publication!

On the subject of the Brittany Noakes Poetry Award, the 25 semi-finalist have been selected, and those 25 have been winnowed down to 10 finalists by The Adroit Journal‘s Editor-in-Chief, Peter LaBerge, and sent off to judge Sandra Beasley. The full list of those 25 selected will be publicized following Sandra’s final selections.

I have great gratitude to all who entered, shared, and contributed. Best wishes to the ten poets who remain in the running, as well as everyone else who believed in poetry’s ability to change lives.

Some things

Beautiful things have happened in my life, among them, I adopted a wonderful, 8 yo, blind, declawed, obese, black kitty. GET READY FOR THE CAT POEMS!


Also here is a new poem at Leveler: Meditation.

I have recently had poems accepted by: Rogue Agent, Slice, and Baltimore Review.

I have four readings coming up. Two are in April!

April 19th: I read at Penn Book Center with Irene Mathieu and Yolanda Wisher.

April 21st: I read at Big Blue Marble with a host of other ladies!

I don’t recall when the other two are…a bit further away. I will keep you posted.