Museum of Americana Accepts “The Original Siamese Twins”

So excited! The Museum of Americana Literary Journal (facebook) has accepted my poem “The Original Siamese Twins” for inclusion! Visiting the Way Back Machine, I first wrote this poem around the time of this post. I worked on the poem with my then-professor, April Bernard, and got it into its present day incarnation. There is a recording of my reading it here. I am so excited this poem finally found a home, and will link to it when it is up in mid-November.

I have been shopping this poem around for two years now, and I couldn’t be happier at where it landed. I really like this journal, and will be glad to have my Siamese Twins surrounded by other poems regarding historical Americana.

In the meantime, I would urge all of you to submit to The Museum of Ameriana! To quote from their submission page, “the museum of americana accepts submissions of original fiction, nonfiction, poetry, book/chapbook reviews, writer interviews, music, photography, and art. We seek work that showcases and/or repurposes historical American culture.”

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