When the Sun’s Out, it Beams

Three pieces of writing news:

1) I got a pushcart nomination from my beloved Four Chambers Press for “Local Church Falls in Love With Area Library“! I couldn’t be happier over this. I greatly love this journal, and it is nice to feel as though it’s mutual! Congratulations to their other nominees, Dexter L. Booth for “Nothing in Reverse,” Josh Rathkamp for “On the Way to a Party Neither One of Us Wants to Go To,” Zeke Jarvis for “Sex with Anne Hathaway,” Leon Hedstrom for “Borealis,” Allyson Boggess for “Phoenix Daycare Kid Eating Fake Snow.”

Please read all of their works, the majority of which are available online! And if you are dying to read Rathkamp’s piece as well, order Four Chambers Press Issue 2 here. It makes a great gift!

2) I received an honorable mention in The Feminist Wire‘s first annual poetry contest, judged by poet Evie Shockley. I am over the moon about this! I submitted two poems to them, “In Response to Learning the Lego Line of Female Scientists was Limited Edition,” (a poem I wrote about in this entry) and “House.” Not sure which one won, or if both did, but this is terribly encouraging!

3) I won first place out of 107 submissions for a scholarship to attend the Winter Poetry and Prose Getaway in Atlantic City, NJ from January 16th through 19th. I got the call notifying me when I was at a very noisy bar, and kept thinking I’d misheard. It’s wonderful news, and I am very excited about this! Haven’t figured out who I am studying with yet, but I will report back here after the retreat.

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