The Review Review Reviews (whew!) Four Chambers Press

and I get a shout out! Read the review in its entirety here. My section is quoted below:

“While quite a few other poems succeeded on one level or another, two resonated particularly deeply. In Shevaun Brannigan’s ‘To the cabbie who waits for me as I unlock the door,’ drunkenness and loneliness ‘in the 20 hour dress and its wrinkles,/in the body and its nightly defeat,’ engender a quiet cry for help, which in turn lays bare a desperate life: ‘A little girl is going to run out/the door, chased by her father./Get her out of here.'”

I am so glad they liked this poem, as it is one I am quite fond of! I wrote it in Hila Ratzabi’s Red Sofa Salon workshops. There is an open house for these workshops January 11th, from 1-4. Click on the link to register, she is a wonderful teacher and there is no obligation to join!

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