“The Original Siamese Twins” is Up at Museum of Americana

You can find the link here. I am grateful the journal accepted my poem, as well as the time they took with getting the spacing as it appeared in my original submission. They are currently seeking poems and prose written by women to do with American music. I really encourage you to submit, as they have been great to work with!

You can hear a recording of the poem that my old friend Brandon produced here.

A note on some of the other submissions in the journal: I was, of course, elated to see friend Denton Loving, author of Crimes Against Birds, published here with his piece “Hatred with Wings.” It’s wonderfully written, with amazing moments of dialogue. Denton is also the editor of drafthorse, another journal to which I recommend you submit.

Two women’s poems in particular also jumped out at me, among many excellent pieces of writing. The first was “An American Meditation” by Shandiel Beers,  an enviable poem that does so much in a surprisingly small amount of lines. The second was “Mechanicsville, Iowa” by Amanda Moore. Favorite poems of mine (think Bidart’s Ellen West) create characters devotedly, and this is one of those poems. The subject matter is loved and well cared for.

As a whole I think it is a wonderful issue, and I am glad to be a part of it!

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