I’ve Stopped Updating My Sidebar

Here are some places where new work of mine appears:

Tinderbox Poetry Journal: “After Staring at a Kandinsky

Redivider: “You Glad I Wrote this Poem?” (available in print only)

Tahoma Literary Review: “Although I Have Made My Father into a Bird

Here is a video of me reading my Editor’s Choice poem “Considering Need” at Philadelphia Stories’ Sandy Crimmins Poetry Prize award reception.

Here is a video of me reading an unpublished poem called “Fireworks” in response to the Orlando Massacre.

I neglected to announce the generous grant I got from the Barbara J. Deming Foundation. Please attribute this to my infrequent blog posting, and not a lack of excitement! They are doing the work of feminist angels. I ran through the halls at work screaming when I got the news. I was even more distracting to my coworkers than normal that day.

I have work forthcoming in:

Plath Profiles: “Self-Portrait as Hydrangea”

Women Arts Quarterly: “Everything is Breaking”

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