Two more poems

The latest Plath Profiles features my poem “Self-Portrait as Hydrangea,” which is inspired by the journal’s namesake. Though all of my poems are, yes? Yes.

Speaking of other poems, here is one from Baltimore Review, “Committed.” I hope you like it, though ought to warn it discusses some difficult themes.

On the subject of Plath, I share this delightful round table: “‘Confessional Writing’ is a tired line of sexist horseshit, and other insights.”

Oh hey, just in case you didn’t know, if you click on the below photo it will take you to the tumblr I update slightly more often than this blog. It features my public transportation adventures and is based on a musical I have been writing for several years now called #TROLLEYWOOD.


Also if you want to be friends on Instagram find me hiding at @chevron_barnigan.


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