Upcoming Readings

Posting twice in one day, hoo hoo, oh my, hmm hmm!

I have a reading this Sunday at 5 PM at Headhouse Books in Philly as part of the Jubilant Thicket reading series. You should come! I’ll read poems about my childhood, my parents’ childhoods, my love life (wait am I selling this? I have a poem about gorillas too), will make awkward banter between poems (when I started seeing poets read from tablets I knew we’d finally reached the year of Back to the Future), and will fail terribly at networking. In addition, to the other poets, I’m excited to read with Ysabel Y. Gonzales, who is a Feats of Poetic Strength alumna.


There is a new Feats of Poetic Strength coming up! Again, you should come! Facebook tells me 54 cool people are (and I know people never RSVP cavalierly to things on Facebook), so it should be a fun night. (Note to self, buy more wine). Readers include: Anne-Adele Wight, stepping in for Violet LeVoit, who suffered a car accident but is largely doing okay, K.T. Landon, Elizabeth Hoover, MaryAnn L. Miller, Elizabeth Langemak, and Sheila McMullin. These ladies were chosen from a pool of nearly 100 applicants, and are travelling from far distances to read for you. The reading is also a fundraiser for Permanent Wave Philly, a feminist collective of which I am a part.

Hearts and stars and Mallomars,


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