I spent four days on an emotional roller coaster after learning I was shortlisted for the 2015 Booth Prize, out of over 1,200 submissions ten were selected for this honor, but I sadly did not win. They are still publishing my poem though, so I am feeling pretty a-okay about the whole thing. I also got to tell a lot of people I would have taken them out to dinner with the $1,000 prize money without actually having to do it, so that was a nice perk!

Congrats to the winner, Paula Brancato, and runner-up Rachel Flynn. May they take their friends out for a nice meal (not Mendy’s).

Also, a long time ago I was accepted for publication by the new online journal based out of Brooklyn (how often does that phrase appear in the blogosphere?), Prelude. which features lovely work and has a super fast response time on submissions. So I recommend checking them out and sending some work their way.

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