Next Feats of Poetic Strength is coming up! + Call for submissions

The next Feats of Poetic Strength is fast approaching, which means so are my stress dreams! Will a bottle of water explode all over one of the guests? (This has happened) Will one of the readers be hit by a car? (This has happened) Will the heat be out at the venue and the audience have to huddle together for warmth (This has also happened but is less likely to be an issue for this reading, crap air conditioning could go out, crap)?

I really encourage you to come, it is June 20th at the Brandywine Workshop in South Philly. We have some amazing readers and I am very excited about it!

I also have a call for submissions for the August reading! Please submit! Call appears below:

Feats of Poetic Strength, an all female poetry reading series, is seeking an additional reader for August 22nd, 7 PM reading at Yell Gallery in Philadelphia. Spots may also be offered for a to-be-scheduled October reading. To apply for this reading, please send 3 poems on any theme in the body of the email or as an attachment to by 6/10/15. Notification will follow shortly thereafter.

Friends of Shevaun Brannigan, the curator, are asked to submit under a pseudonym. All poets who do not identify as a cismale are invited to apply, particularly poets of color.

It is possible a small honorarium may be offered, pending crowdfunding results. Poets are asked to read for 8-10 minutes. The event also typically functions as a fundraiser for a local organization which benefits women. The next reading (details found here: benefits Philadelphia’s local domestic violence shelter, Women Against Abuse.

Past readers have included: Hila Ratzabi, Kimberly Ann Southwick, Dawn Lonsinger, Chloe Martinez, Liz Solms, Catherine Bancroft, Elliott BatTzedek, Ysabel Y. Gonzalez, Jennifer Hook, Elizabeth Hoover, Sheila McMullin, MaryAnn L. Miller, Anne-Adele Wight, Elizabeth Langemak, and K.T. Landon. The June 20th reading features Cynthia Atkins, Sarah B. Boyle, JoAnn Balingit, Kita Shantiris, and Anne Harding Woodworth.

I look forward to receiving your submission by 6/10/15 to Thanks!

Shevaun Brannigan

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