Storyscape Poems are Live!

Hello! My poems are live at Storyscape, I have three: Thin Walls, Ode to Kingsessing, and Engagement. I also got to travel to NYC to do a reading at the KGB bar for this journal, and take some very dark pictures of me with friends from all walks of my life!Four dark

From left to right, that’s my friend Rachel from college, me, Marcia from grad school, and Rachel from when I was in Girl Scouts ages 5-12 or something! That is why we are all doing the girl scout pledge. Oath. Hand signal.

It was so much fun, and I had a wonderful time in NYC. I love doing readings there! I WILL DO YOUR NEW YORK READING. I’m sorry, that was really forward and Philly of me.

Anyway, there is a lot of good to read in Storyscape, including work by Kimberly Ann Southwick, who broke my heart by reading her poems about her dog who passed away, as well as Diane Simpkin’s Mrs Hoppleman, which I also got to hear read aloud and cracked up at the persona she creates in her story. The whole journal is a delight, and I recommend spending some time with it.

I think that is all to report on the publication front, as May was a slow month for me (as slow as you can be when you are at a dead stop), but I hope to have more news to report soon!

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