Two New Poems Up

My 2015 Booth Poetry Prize finalist placing poem, The Daughter, is up at the following URL for a brief week, before it is archived, so check it out before it is replaced with another creative piece. The folks at Booth were so kind, I highly recommend submitting to them.

The next link will be to a PDF of The Tishman Review, featuring my finalist poem in their 2015 contest, “Interior with Snow” on pg. 12, there is also the option to click here and buy a print copy. I can’t speak highly enough of The Tishman Review. First off, it is run by some of the best creatures ever to graduate from Bennington (which I believe was ranked top three in creative writing programs in the history of mankind, check Poets & Writers though to be sure), secondly they are so responsive and kind to issues, thirdly, THEY DONATED TO MY FUNDRAISER, fourthly, the journal is print and online, and I just can’t say highly enough to SUBMIT to them, because they are good, good people who will treat your work well. Oh! and they pay!

These poems are two of my favorites I’ve written this year, so I am happy to share them in the same blog post. They are also both finalist poems, and these, plus The Feminist Wire’s Honorable Mention poems, mark the third time I placed in a literary contest this year. OR IS IT?

I may have a fourth to announce soon. I’ll keep y’all posted.

3 thoughts on “Two New Poems Up

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