New Poem Up at The Good Men Project!

I have a new poem, “Stars–They’re Just Like Us,” up at The Good Men Project.

It is about the same man as these poems, “Local Church at Area Library,” “Ode to Kingsessing,” “Thin Walls” and many others that haven’t yet been published.

Exhibit A:


That’s me pictured with my muse, Joe. He is also very supportive of my reading series, and is just in general a great advocate for me and my craft. I am so grateful to him.

2 thoughts on “New Poem Up at The Good Men Project!

  1. Shevaun,

    I emailed Barrett Warner about your reading with him and Jenny Keith at 2nd Saturday Poets this Saturday, August 8th. I haven’t heard back from him. Email me to confirm that the three of you are coming. The reading was scheduled months ago. If you’re coming, please have Barrett forward you and Jenny my email with the particulars. The reading is scheduled from 5 to 7 pm, at the Jackson Inn, 101 N. Dupont Road, Wilmington, DE.

    Bob Davis, 2nd Saturday Poets

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