I’m $14 a Year Away From Being a Professional Poet

I kid! Just a crack about me not ponying up to pay for the actual domain name. I’ve had that on my to-do list for about three years now, but every time I think about doing it I want vegan pizza instead.

So, news. Philadelphia Stories holds a national poetry prize (The Sandy Crimmins National Prize for Poetry), and I got an Editor’s Choice award for my poem “Considering Need”! I am really excited about this. It doesn’t quite continue the Bridesmaid trend, as the judge didn’t select my poem, but I sort of feel like the favorite Uncle who’s invited to read a secular passage at the wedding. Grateful for the honor and excited for the ceremony.

Also, my poem “Why My Mother is Afraid of Heights,” which there is a video of me reading here, (side note, every time I google to find this video auto correct populates with “Why my mother is afraid of me” which makes me awfully worried for today’s youths–and their parents) appears in a new anthology Veils, Halos, & Shackles on international violence against women. It can be preordered by clicking that hyperlink. Do it! There are some amazing poets in this collection, among them Amy Small-McKinney, my buddy.

I also got my contributor’s copies of Booth in the mail, which is gorgeous. You can read my poem here, but I recommend buying a hard copy.

Finally, I wanted to share a link for a fundraiser (not one of mine, I swore those off!) for the Philly Loves Poetry Festival. Philly has a great poetry scene because of, in part, such pillars as Larry Robin and this festival will be wonderful. Thanks in advance if you help make it happen.


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