Good things come in threes

Three items of note:

I moved! I’m so excited! The first piece of mail in my new house was a copy of Bone Bouquet, in which I have two poems. How did they know to match the cover to my decor?


I suggest buying a copy of the issue or even subscribing. They have some really great cutting edge work in there. I am elated to be included.

Secondly, I have a new poem available online, the one that got an Editor’s Choice with Philadelphia Stories. The poem is called “Considering Need.” I wrote it after receiving four rejections in one day and reading a lot of Carl Phillips.

Thirdly, an anthology I’ve been accepted to about the female body, Hysteria, is doing some crowdfunding to pay poets like me! For $10 you get a copy of the anthology, including my poem “Bathroom Graffiti,” and that seems like a pretty great deal. I would be grateful if you contributed!

I have some other items to mention in a future update, such as the poetry contest I am coordinating to benefit women and girls! Or the wonderful surprise I got in the mail from Pittsburgh! AND MORE!





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