I Want to Write a Memoir

is a poem of mine in Rhino, text of which can be found here. An audio recording of me reading it is here. Were I to record it again today I would sound much croakier, as I am immensely ill from a cold as of 12 hours ago. The wind changed.

Before I write a memoir, I ought to write a poetry book. I have a manuscript being reviewed by Leonard Gontarek right now. We did this once before, and he rightfully told me to chuck 1/2 the poems in the manuscript. That was 1.5 years ago, and in between it was looked at by editor and poet Sandy Marchetti, who had great tips and analysis. I highly recommend her! And him!

I am torn between three titles, all of which are terrible in their own way.

Or maybe I will call it “Dear Freud” or even “Deer Freud” and have antlers coming out of Freud’s head on the cover image. Oh I love this idea! BUCK THE PATRIARCHY it will say on the back cover.

Okay, if you could please vote for one of the following manuscript titles in the comments, I would appreciate it. And by “you” I mean Emily, the one person who reads this, plus anyone who comes by googling fox kits and finds that picture I posted in 2012.

  1. Everyone Love Me All the Time
  2. Dear Freud
  3. I Don’t Want to be a Person Today
  4. Deer Freud
  5. Everything is Breaking

Please support your answer with your work for full credit.

13 thoughts on “I Want to Write a Memoir

  1. I like #3. But I also like Deer Freud and the image of the book cover. Also, you could call it – I know where to get cookies.

    • I think #3 is the most relatable. But the titular poem is not nearly as good as others in the collection! It is difficult to decide. “I Know Where to Get Cookies” sounds sinister in poetry world–nearly everything needs a dark underbelly. Like a sugar cookie burnt on the bottom.

  2. I remain a strong supporter of Option #1.

    And DeerFreud, bucking the patriarchy with his horned head reminiscent of the Old Gods, while endearing (and endeering) in its own Shevaun-esque punny way, perhaps should be reserved for that best-selling series of feminist greeting cards I know you have lurking within you, just waiting their moment…

  3. Not knowing what any of the poems are like, I prefer “Deer Freud – Buck the Patriarchy.” If you decide to save that title for a future project (a la greeting cards), then go with the first option. It’s the most compelling. Makes me wonder what reasons you’ve provided inside the book that make the case for me to follow your command/request. I’m need to know all the facts first.

  4. I too strongly favor #1. It allows for more varying tones of voice in the accompanying poems: wistful, ironic, desperate, even sweet and cheerful maybe.

  5. I like “Everyone Love Me All the Time.” As you know, I adore puns, but I feel like a title is a risky place for a pun. If you go with “Dear Freud” you could still do the antlers thing, and it would be a like an Easter egg for people paying attention. But ultimately, I think #1 is the funniest and has the best rhythm. It’s one of those lines I’m constantly trying to write – like an Aimee Mann lyric – deceptively simple but not actually that easy to come up with. Plus, does Freud really deserve another book title paying homage to him? 😉 And #1 sounds like your voice – like something only you would say.

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