Two new publications coming out

Hello! I have two new pieces coming out shortly, one with The Florida Review, the second with Forklift Ohio. The latter piece, “Shevaun Looks for a Man” I read at a reading of Bennington Alumni in New York, and one of the editors of the journal was in the audience–she liked the piece and asked me to submit, for which I am grateful! It is a fun poem, and when it is up at the journal I will post a video of myself reading it because it really is more performance based.


I also have been taking the University of Iowa MOOC: How Writers Write Poetry, and very much enjoying it! There is still time to enroll and access the videos of past classes. I really recommend this course. If you’re looking for any of my submissions on there, I’m posting under sbrannig, and would love your feedback. I am learning a lot from the fellow students in the course, as well as the accomplished poets who have taken the time to film videos for us.