I did a poetry reading in the snow today

In honor of Philly Poetry Day 2016! You can find the photo album here. My favorite photo in the album appears below, from when I was INSIDE. It is of my teacher and I, Leonard Gontarek.


I also got called teacher’s pet today by several people, including the teacher and myself. This was not nearly as traumatic as when it happened in the fourth grade so rest assured I am FINE.

The Brittany Noakes Poetry Award

I am a member of Soroptimist International of Rittenhouse Square, a Philly area Soroptimist club that benefits women and girls in our local community and around the world. We are holding The Brittany Noakes Poetry Contest with a prize for the winner valued at $500.

The funds we raise from the contest help our next Live Your Dream Award recipient, a single mother who has experienced hardships, go back to school. J.C. Todd is final judge, and MaryAnn L. Miller is creating the prize–25 broadsides of the winning poem.

It would mean the world to me if you entered! The link for sharing is: https://sirs.submittable.com/submit/56724 . Feel free to ask me any questions, I would be happy to answer them! There is also a FAQ at the link, which answers the crucial inquiry of: can people of all genders enter? And the answer is: yes!

For more information from Headquarters about the Live Your Dream Awards, visit this page, or, if you feel like tearing up, visit this page for a great video.

So far we have received 24 entries, so odds are good for you. Each entry brings $6.61 to the Awards program, meaning in just the first few days we’ve raised $158.64.

I hope that you enter!



I Want to Write a Memoir

is a poem of mine in Rhino, text of which can be found here. An audio recording of me reading it is here. Were I to record it again today I would sound much croakier, as I am immensely ill from a cold as of 12 hours ago. The wind changed.

Before I write a memoir, I ought to write a poetry book. I have a manuscript being reviewed by Leonard Gontarek right now. We did this once before, and he rightfully told me to chuck 1/2 the poems in the manuscript. That was 1.5 years ago, and in between it was looked at by editor and poet Sandy Marchetti, who had great tips and analysis. I highly recommend her! And him!

I am torn between three titles, all of which are terrible in their own way.

Or maybe I will call it “Dear Freud” or even “Deer Freud” and have antlers coming out of Freud’s head on the cover image. Oh I love this idea! BUCK THE PATRIARCHY it will say on the back cover.

Okay, if you could please vote for one of the following manuscript titles in the comments, I would appreciate it. And by “you” I mean Emily, the one person who reads this, plus anyone who comes by googling fox kits and finds that picture I posted in 2012.

  1. Everyone Love Me All the Time
  2. Dear Freud
  3. I Don’t Want to be a Person Today
  4. Deer Freud
  5. Everything is Breaking

Please support your answer with your work for full credit.