New Poems up at Prelude!

Super cool Brooklyn based journal Prelude published two of my poems online this week. I share them with you here: Jackpot, which is an ode to the body, and Why My Mother is Still Afraid of Heights, which is a companion piece to “Why My Mother is Afraid of Heights” (link goes to video of me reading it), and the two poems together track my empathy and then growing frustration with my mother and her fears. It is a terrible thing to post on Mother’s Day.

Shevaun Looks for a Man: Poem from Forklift, Ohio

This is me reading a poem I wrote at Bennington, and it now appears in the wonderful journal Forklift, Ohio. I read this poem in New York at the Cornelia Street Cafe, and the poetry editor, kind woman Amanda Smeltz, suggested I submit it. I am so glad to see it finally out in the world! I hope you enjoy the poem, and my apologies for the weird smirk at the end. I don’t often read my poems on street corners.